“Tawakkalna” application …. has become mandatory in many facilities, Get to know it!

Having the (Tawakkalna) application on your mobile phone and activating it has become a mandatory precaution in order to enter several governmental and non-governmental premises, including Rowad AlKhaleej Schools, institutes and facilities of the AlKhaleej for Training and Education, So What is Tawakkalna application and how do you use it?

What is Tawakkalna app?

Tawakkalna application is an official government and free application, which has been approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health, and many Saudi ministries in order to help limit the spread of the Corona virus, as it is developed by the National Information Center, and the application provides a huge number of services and information that have contributed In reducing the spread of the virus.

The application provides health services such as the (Health Passport) service, which is a service that confirms that the person has completed all doses of the Corona vaccine and many other health services, and the application provides general services too such as the (Digital Identities) service that allows users to preview their official documents; National ID and Iqama digitally.

How do I use Tawakkalna application?

You can start using the application by following the steps:

  • Download the application on your phone through the app store.
  • Open the application, click sign-up.
  • Type the national identity number or the residency number for residents.
  • Write your phone number accurately, as this step is very im
  • portant to link the application with your data on the (Absher) platform.
  • Write the date of birth, then agree to the conditions.
  • Enter the password, and it must not be less than 12 characters containing upper and lowercase letters, numbers and signs.
  • Determine the place of residence on the map.
  • You Should answer all questions.
  • Determine the dependents and the sponsored persons who are in the same area of ​​residence and write the data.
  • Clicking on Start to get application services.

The director of the Global and Foreign Education Office visits Alkhaleej Training and Education Mecca branch for the first time after the pandemic.

Alkhaleej Training and Education (Direct English) Mecca branch was honored by the visit of His Excellency Dr. Omar bin Hamid Sulaimani, Director of the Global and Foreign Education Office in Mecca Al-Mukarramah, and Her Excellency / Manal Bint Ahmed Matar, Director of the Department of Special Institutes and Centers.

This visit, the first after the COVID-19 pandemic, was hosted by the branch Manager, Mr. Fahd bin Abdullah Bakhsh. This visit was to support private institutes to operate their English language courses and provide all the necessary services and facilities.

The Director of the Global and Foreign Education Office also took a tour of the building and its halls and all parts of the institute, and followed up on the implementation of all precautionary health measures and the required distancing in the halls for the safety of our students.

It is worth mentioning that all the centers of the Alkhaleej Training and Education have implemented all safety precautions required by the Ministry of Health to ensure the smooth running of the educational process after returning to the attendance training.
At the end, Dr. Omar Bin Hamid Soleimani and Mrs. Manal Bint Ahmed Matar praised the great performance of the team.

Saudi Arabia to host G20 summit in 2020 for the first time

We are proud that Saudi Arabia will be hosting G20 summit 2020, the great economic event, this weekend for the first time in the Kingdom and the second time in the middle east.

The Group of Twenty, or the G20, is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. The G20 brings together the leaders of both developed and developing countries from every continent. ​

Collectively, G20 members represent around 80% of the world’s economic output, two-thirds of global population and three-quarters of international trade. Throughout the year, representatives from G20 countries gather to discuss financial and socioeconomic issues.

The summit will be in Nov. 21 and 22, 2020 and it will be virtual this year.

Wishing progress, stability, and prosperity for our nation

Direct English organizes a free open day on the international language tests

Direct English always gives a hand to people who want to enhance their language skills so it organized a free open day in Jeddah men branch to discuss a couple of Cambridge professional English tests KET & PET and how to prepare for IELTS test which is required in case of travelling or studying abroad as well as using the language for business English and BULATS test that measures the English proficiency for employees and candidates in companies.DE experts gave this session that young people from different ages and backgrounds attended. The attendance praised this comprehensive session of topics in the seminar and how the instructors answered all of their questions and the new information they got.DE always seeks to provide the maximum benefit that the young people of the kingdom can get in English and to help them improve their English language, using special interactive ways and through awareness raising lectures.

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