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An English School that makes a real difference.

Blended learning combines face-to-face and online activities in a complimentary learning journey.

The learning process is simple. But, our 115 years of experience in the Language Training enabled us to develop proven teaching practices and a host of interactive learning resources to make the process more engaging and adaptable to each student’s need and time.

Course models – Duration can be flexible, this is for guidelines:

• Intensive: 15 hours over 2 weeks
• Flexible: 30 hours over 10 weeks

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    There are 8 Levels in the Direct English course, with 85 learning hours per level.

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    Each level consists of 9 units and is intended to last one academic year.

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    There are 3 lessons per Unit so 27 lessons per level.

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    1 unit is formed by approx. 9 hours


Learning Materials

Our innovative suite of learning materials features everything you need to learn at your own pace.

Your teacher will provide you with helpful handouts and essential guides, and give you access to our comprehensive range of advanced online learning resources, including interactive video tutorials, to give you a life-long learning experience.

Teaching Technique

Whether you sign up for one of our regular courses, our Cambridge BULATS assessment or IELTS Preparation Course* (among with a prep course), we believe that our teachers define the Direct English experience.

Our qualified teachers will support you until you’re comfortable speaking English conversationally, using online tests and other regular assessments to help tailor the learning process to your specific needs.


Training Centres

Mixing academic and corporate style, our centers have been designed as the perfect learning environment for professional adults.

We support our global franchise partners in designing inspirational classroom and communal spaces, enabling you to enhance your networking and stay engaged throughout your course.

Academic Model

Our proven syllabus helps you use conversational English with confidence from the earliest possible stage.

We achieve this by supplementing familiar language with new-found knowledge at each stage of your course, and by giving you a firm understanding of English grammar.

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