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1.When was Direct English established?

Established in 1997 as a flexible and collaborative alternative to existing models, Direct English builds on over 115 years of experience from the Linguaphone Group.

2.What’s unique about Direct English?

From our extensive customer service to our leading offline and online learning resources, Direct English truly stands out from the crowd.

3.How much does the course cost?

The price range from product to another we advise you to take the placement test first then cost of your course will be based on your needs.

4.How many levels do you have?

9 levels

5.What is DE Method of teaching?

Innovative and interactive method that teaches with a practical use of English. Direct English supports blended learning; combining expert classroom teaching and one-to-one tuition with advanced digital learning resources.

6.Can I attend conversation classes on daily basis?

You can attend based on your schedule and if you need more you can contact our customer service to arrange that.

7.What should I do for practicing writing?

Follow the course plan as we care about all the skills also you can join our business course.

8.Is DE certificates accredited by MOE and internationally?


9.Who will assure my accuracy in pronunciation?

Yourself through our lab system and also our teachers will feed you on your accuracy.

10.When and what timing allowed for using the Lab?

Available based on the schedule

11.Are the teachers native speakers?

We have both bilingual and natives.

12.Do you have English for business course?

Yes we do.

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