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Direct English is designed for aspirational adults around the world. Whether preparing for future employment, looking for promotion or gaining an edge on the competition, Direct English provides a learner focused solution that enables students achieve their goals.

With 9 core levels from beginner to advanced plus a business English level, Direct English helps thousands of adults every year master the international language of business and communication with a top English training schools available worldwide. Understanding the need for a measurable outcome, every Direct English School is an authorized CAMBRIDGE test center, an assessment developed by Cambridge Assessments and recognized by employers around the world.


Certified Results

All our certificates are accredited by local supervisory authorities, in addition to that, we are e proud to offer all our students the chance to achieve internationally recognized academic and business English certificates through Cambridge English Language Assessment.

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Blended Learning Method

Innovative and interactive method that teaches with a practical use of English. Direct English supports blended learning; combining expert classroom teaching and one-to-one tuition with advanced digital learning resources.

We’re passionate about English Language Learning! Direct English offers more choice than any other English training provider. We can help people of any level become proficient in English

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Extensive online and offline resources

The learning process is simple. But, we’ve developed innovative teaching practices and a host of interactive learning resources to make the process more engaging and adaptable.

We make premium English Language Teaching available for everyone, and have developed an international schools offering franchise where partners worldwide provide Direct English courses across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our courses are based on a proven English Language Teaching (ELT) method developed by Louis Alexander, a world-renowned authority on the English Language and a member of the Council of Europe Committee on Modern Language Teaching, where he put the basis of the Common European Frmework of Reference for Languages.

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Flexible English courses worldwide

We know that modern life is filled with time pressure, both at work and at home. That’s why we’ve developed our courses to fit around you.
We have nine English course options, more than any other language training provider, enabling you to find the best match for your personal and professional responsibilities.
Whether you sign up for a regular Direct English course, IELTS Preparation Course or Cambridge BULATS


We focus on four key skills


Effective English teaching methods

Our proven and universally adaptable teaching methods are based on over 115 years’ English Language Teaching experience around the world.
By focusing on key learning processes and layering knowledge throughout your course, we’ll teach you to use English with confidence.
You can enroll on to any of our nine course levels; Level 0 and 8 regular levels from Level 1 right up to Level 8 (advanced learner) .You can even learn professional English by signing up to our Business English course.

Sign up with Direct English and learn the international language of business and communication.

CEFR | Common European Framework

In Europe, there is a standard yard-stick that is used to measure the level of a person’s linguistic capabilities which is called the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages (CEFR) that was put into place by the Council of Europe.
It is a system that is employed by most European countries as a means of assessing most European languages in terms of learning and teaching. This common guideline makes for better language assessment commonality across Europe and enables a clearer and simpler way to know the actual linguistic level of the person no matter the European language or European country.
The Council of Europe has developed a European Framework with common reference levels.

  • A1Basic user Introductory or beginner level (Level 1 / Level 2)
  • A2Basic user (Level 2/ Level 3) Cambridge Key English Test
  • B1Intermediate user (Level 4 / Level 6) Cambridge Preliminary English Test
  • B2Intermediate user (Level 7) Cambridge First Certificate
  • C1Advanced Advanced Level (Level 8) Council of Europe “Effectiveness”
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