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What is the Council of Europe?

The Council of Europe is an organization of representatives of more than 40 European states. The aim of the organization are to protect human rights, promote European Unity and deal with a variety of social and economic issues that face European states. In 1971 the Council of Europe, including Louis Alexander, The Direct English author and a member of the Council of Europe, launched its Modern Language Project in order to determine the essentials need for adequate social interaction in a foreign language.
The placement Test gives a broad indication of student’s English level. On the basis of the results of this 15 minutes s test, Direct English centers will help students identify their current level of English and guide them to advance their English skills.
Many courses wait until the end of training to test you. That’s too late to discover if you needed more training in a particular area!
That’s why with Direct English as well as progress tests and regular review with your tutor, with Direct English Online you’ll find online tests written specifically for our course. What’s more, you’ll be able to track your own progress and understanding which will build your confidence and inspire you to continue learning English with us. You can be confident that by assessing you throughout the course we ensure you’re guaranteed to succeed!



We also know that you may want independent reassurance that you have progressed with your English language studies with Direct English. This is why our course is benchmarked against stages of learning and qualifications defined by the Common European Framework and independent public examination bodies including IELTS™, TOEFL and BULATS.


Once enrolled in one of the Direct English courses and passed the test, you will achieve the Direct English Certificate – the only Worldwide Leading Companies with over 115 of experience in English Training.


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