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Direct English live international (Deli program)

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Direct English only one level

Course Hours

40 Hrs

. Direct English Live International (DELI Program)

· We offer a 4 week English language course which will take you through levels 4, 5 or 6 of the Direct English language system

· An integrated English language curriculum designed to meet the needs of the learner,

· Consisting of 9 units for each level.

· Focus on how to use the English language in practical and social life.

· 40 study hours per level for 4 weeks.

· Induction session.

· Tutorial classes with a British native teacher

· Conversation classes with native speaking teachers from Britain / America / Canada

· Practical training sessions through the application of Direct English.

· 3 hours of progress tests plus speaking test.

· Excellent customer service and support from Direct English website for quality performance, which ensures your proficiency in the English language.

· New techniques in learning the English language” using the latest aids and various teaching methods via live broadcasting.

· Levels 4-6 are the interactional and expressive phases. These levels have a more in depth focus on the language and structure of English so that you can begin to take part in conversations

· This course includes a combination of English Language Tutorials , conversation classes , Interactive Lab and social activities,

· On passing each level you will receive a Direct English Certificate of Achievement from London.

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ر.س 1,500.00

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